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Podcast dedicated to the Walt Disney World Parks, Resorts, Dining, and more. Hosted by Marc Valentine and Duane Willey. This audio podcast and livestream show features news, interviews, and reviews of all things Disney. Occasional discussion of Disney IP including films and Disney + Content. Content released weekly and offers one hour episodes. Thank you again for agreeing to join our show in our own personal Disney Bubble, our Disney Life, and we remind to to “please stand clear of the doors!”


Film Review: Jungle Cruise

Aug. 1, 2021

In today’s episode Duane and I offer our review of The Jungle Cruise starring Duane Johnson and Emily Blunt. We hope that you enjoy this review of the film as we had a blast doing both a Cruella and Luca review. If you have not yet seen The Jungle Cruise, you might want to stay on the docks until …

Staying Gluten and Dairy free at Disney: Feat. Special Guest Erica Price

July 28, 2021

Erica Price from Makers of Magic and Wishes joins the boys at This DisLife to share her stories from Disney. Erica offers a preparatory guide to tackling Walt Disney World if you have special dietary needs. Tackling Disney Dining if you are avoiding sugar, gluten, or dairy can present an overwhelmi…

Whatever it takes! Marvel at WDW Orlando with Earth's Mightiest Weirdos

July 20, 2021

Hello Everybody and Welcome to another episode of This DisLife Podcast. Thank you so much for making our podcast a part of your Disney Life. In this episode we discuss the notorious contract keeping Marvel Out of WDW in Orlando. We break down how long Universal will have rights to Marvel, what rid…

Snack Attack: Best Snacks at WDW Parks

July 14, 2021

You'll definitely be using a snack credit on this episode as Marc and Duane give you their TOP 3 Savory or Sweet Snack options from around the parks at Walt Disney World. With so many food options to choose from we help narrow it down to the best of the best. While you can pick up a Mickey Bar just…

Splish Splash: Top 5 Pools at WDW Resorts

July 7, 2021

Marc and Duane share their personal Top 5 pools at the WDW Resorts. When the summer heat is intense there's nothing better than taking a mid-day dip in one of Disney's wonderful pools. We discuss tips and tricks to beat the summer heat/ humidity and then cause our usual ruckus with our choices. Ple…

Silencio Bruno: A Review of Pixar's LUCA

June 30, 2021

Join Marc, Duane and Jon Hinson as they offer their review of Pixar’s Luca. They story of an unforgettable summer on the Italian Riviera as seen through the Eyes of a young boy. Filled with food, laughter, and love Luca is a tribute to exploration and found family. Directed by Enrico Casarosa and p…

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You'll definitely be using a snack credit on this episode as Marc and Duane give you their TOP 3 Savory or Sweet Snack options from around the parks at W…

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About the Hosts

Marc Valentine


Marc Valentine is a Disney Enthusiast, Annual Passholder, and Disney Vacation Club Member. His fondest memories of Walt Disney World began as a child during family vacations to Florida. Marc hails form Northeastern Pennsylvania, and when not podcasting, he helps families plan their financial futures, where he represents American National.

Duane Willey


Duane Willey serves as the administrator and social media manager for our highly successful FaceBook Disney Communities. Featured at first as a guest panelist on This DisLife, Duane has continued to contribute to the podcast and is now a permanent co-host of the show.

Duane also helps manage marketing for Enchanting Escapes by Lori across social media. Duane’s love of Disney stemmed from childhood and took root during family trips to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

Duane has shared with the show his emotional connection to Disney that has been passed on from one generation to the next. As a Disney Dad, Duane’s passion for Disney has inspired his family, who now see Disney through his eyes.

He and Marc are kindred spirits in their approach to Disney World. Duane always brings a unique perspective to shows and keeps us grounded firmly in our principals of kindness, love and magic.