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The phrase Disney Life is used by so many people to describe living your dream vacation in the parks, but Marc has come to see it as so much more. Disney park-goers describe the experience of Disney like being in “a bubble” filled with happiness and magic. Disney Life, as defined by Marc, is taking that mindset and perspective one feels at Disney and extending it to every aspect of one’s daily life.Even when you cannot be inside of the parks, or on vacation, Disney Life is about being mindful of the blessings and magic that can exist in one’s daily life. Sometimes, and most often it’s about taking a rest and a break from the daily grind to escape into one’s own Disney bubble and recharge. Disney Life can not only be a mindset, but a way of life.Marc started this podcast to set aside time for himself so he could reconnect with Disney, effectively putting himself inside a temporary Disney bubble no matter where he may be geographically located. Thank you for living your best Disney Life with us in our bubble, and I hope your day is filled with Faith, Trust, and Pixiedust!


-Marc Valentine, Host ThisDisLife Podcast

About the Hosts

Marc Valentine


Marc Valentine is a Disney Enthusiast, Annual Passholder, and Disney Vacation Club Member. His fondest memories of Walt Disney World began as a child during family vacations to Florida. Marc hails form Northeastern Pennsylvania, and when not podcasting, he helps families plan their financial futures, where he represents American National.

Duane Willey


Duane Willey serves as the administrator and social media manager for our highly successful FaceBook Disney Communities. Featured at first as a guest panelist on This DisLife, Duane has continued to contribute to the podcast and is now a permanent co-host of the show.

Duane also helps manage marketing for Enchanting Escapes by Lori across social media. Duane’s love of Disney stemmed from childhood and took root during family trips to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

Duane has shared with the show his emotional connection to Disney that has been passed on from one generation to the next. As a Disney Dad, Duane’s passion for Disney has inspired his family, who now see Disney through his eyes.

He and Marc are kindred spirits in their approach to Disney World. Duane always brings a unique perspective to shows and keeps us grounded firmly in our principals of kindness, love and magic.